Installation Options

To facilitate the installation of our Louvred Windows, we have a range of fixing adaptors, which are suitable for most applications. For curtain walling and glazing systems, this means that the units can be fitted in the same way as a glazing pane or a curtain wall panel.

Fixing adaptors for mullion and transom constructions are available as standard between 24mm and 32mm thick. For glazing systems, we can supply fixing adaptors up to 42mm thick. Other adaptor profiles, including window sill connection pieces and extruded fixing angles are available on request.

Our FLW 40 triple-glazed louvred window has a built-in fixing adaptor, where the method of installation involves clamping with a pressure plate into a mullion and transom construction. This adaptor has a standard thickness of 40mm.

Using additional neoprene strips the adaptor size can be increased to match the dimensions of other systems. Please refer to the advice given on Transport and Installation.