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Fieger Lamellenfenster – Typ FLW

The FLW is a CE marked double-glazed louvred ventilator, which has been carefully engineered to produce a class-leading product. It comprises thermally-broken framework to reduce heat loss and avoid condensation; a requisite feature to ensure compliance with UK Building Regulations.

The frame houses our patented rack & pinion mechanism, which drives the louvres to ensure smooth, maintenance-free operation. Combined with a wide choice of actuators, this makes the FLW a highly versatile unit. The glass louvres are housed in thermally-broken extruded aluminium frames and incorporate pivot bearings to connect to the rack & pinion mechanism.

The louvres are centre pivoted, which means that an optimum free area of ventilation can be achieved - an opening angle of 85 degrees provides a better free area than a traditional window. As a result of thorough development testing, the FLW achieves a high coefficient of opening; ranging from 0.57 to 0.61, subject to size and aspect ratio.

The rack & pinion mechanism also ensures that a good compression seal is achieved when closing the louvres. This provides a particularly important benefit in minimising air leakage. Independent tests show that the FLW28 has a surface area leakage rate of 0.41 m3/hr m2 at 50 Pascals; in accordance with EN 12207.

The Smotec version of the FLW has been fully tested and certified under EN 12101-2 as a natural smoke & heat exhaust ventilator (NSHEV). The louvres are available as either 24mm or 28mm double-glazed insulated blades and can be configured to suit a variety of opening sizes and applications. Insulated aluminium blades can also be supplied.

A range of actuators is available as standard, including 230 volt or 24 volt DC motor drives as well as pneumatic cylinders. Manual operation is provided by a handle fixed to the frame or a crankhandle, which can be either fixed or detachable. Where necessary, a motorised version can be provided, which is programmed to avoid finger-trapping.

The FLW can be supplied with a range of fixing adaptors, to facilitate installation into brickwork, curtain walling & glazing. We can meet specific requirements across a range of sizes, colour finishes and glass specifications.

Typical glazing specifications include:

Toughened outer safety glass, an Argon filled cavity and laminated Low-E inner glass. Float and solar reflective glass can also be provided as standard, whilst special glazing can be provided on request. The FLW range complies with The Building Regulations in the UK and specifically Approved Document B: Fire Safety, Approved Document L: Conservation of Fuel and Power and Approved Document N: Glazing - Safety in relation to impact, opening and cleaning. The "Downloads" area of the website contains copies of all relevant data sheets, including our EN 12101-2 certification, the independent air leakage and weathering tests to EN 12207 & EN 12208, as well as the Thermal Performance test in accordance with DIN 52619-1 and the Sound Reduction Test Report as per EN 20140.