Installation & Transport

Fieger Louvre Windows - Installation & Transport

Fieger Louvred Windows should always be transported upright and tight strapping of the units themselves should be avoided. This is to prevent damage to the operating mechanism. All ventilators are shipped with the louvres fully closed. Excessive force caused by tight strapping is likely to result in the louvres not opening and closing properly after installation.

Tall ventilators are despatched on the long side and must be stood vertically prior to installation. The units should never be allowed to land on any of the corners.

The installation of the Louvred Windows is carried out manually. The units should never be lifted using a vacuum hoist. This can lead to the louvre blades being damaged.

When carrying out the installation of Louvred Windows, care should be taken to ensure that, the installation opening is sound and that the supporting construction has not been eroded in any way; for example, under the side frame or centre mullion (where applicable). A damaged concrete block can lead to distortion of the vent frame, and consequently, the operating mechanism being impaired.

Special attention should be given to checking that the building opening is true and static-free.

As a rule, all Louvred Windows are despatched with the appropriate installation adapters, such as for curtain walling or glazing. Where the Louvred Windows are to be fixed directly into openings, for example screwed to the structure, care must be taken to ensure that the louvres are first opened in order to access the fixing points in the side-frames. This will avoid damage to the operating mechanism.

If you have an application similar to this please discuss it with us or use wall anchors, which can be fixed to the outside of the side-frames.

After installation, each Louvred Window should be commissioned using either the manual control handle or the electric motor, as appropriate, to ensure correct operation. In addition, the installation should be checked to ensure that the joints between the louvres are even and between the end of the louvre blades and the side frames. Any unevenness or gaps will indicate that the Louvred Window isn't sitting plumb and this will need to be rectified. Checks should also be made to make sure that the louvres close evenly and tightly, flush with the frame.

We recommend that, immediately after installation & commissioning, you confirm the correct operation of the Louvred Windows. You should make sure that the Louvred Windows, and especially the motors, are protected against potential damage during subsequent building works. We also advise that you should not allow the louvres to be improperly opened, for example, forcing them open during a power cut. An incorrect installation of a Louvred Window can lead to a failure of components, which may invalidate the guarantee.

Installation Accessories for Fieger Louvred Windows: With heavier items, up to 120 kg, we can supply the units with lifting lugs, so that they can be hoisted into position using either a crane or a chain hoist.