There is a wide choice of actuators available for use with Fieger Louvred Windows. For manual operation, we use the GEZE OL 90 product range, which includes a manual handle (fitted directly to the vent frame), an extended manual drive rod (for control of high level windows) and a crankhandle, which can be either fixed to the frame or demountable. We can supply a choice of electric actuators in 24v or 230v options, each fitted to the frame prior to despatch from our factory. These have also been tested with our louvred windows. Where necessary, a motorised version is available, which can be programmed to avoid finger-trapping.

We can also offer a pneumatic actuator, where compressed air is the preferred energy supply. With any of the actuators mentioned, there are ventilator size limits for any single actuator of up to 3 linear metres or 3 square metres.