Glazing Options

The first priority is to ensure that the glazing in the louvred windows complements the rest of the building facade. This is especially the case when a coloured solar protective glass is specified.

For this reason, we normally use the same glass manufacturer to ensure a complete match to the glass specification on your order.

In the event that this isn’t possible, you can either free-issue the glass to us or we will speak directly with your supplier.

The glass construction and, in particular, the glass thickness has to match our louvred window systems exactly. For technical reasons, we can only work with specific glass thicknesses and so, in certain applications, we will use a smaller glass thickness than the rest of the building facade.

  • Type FLW 24 is supplied with 24mm double-glazing. A basic glazing specification includes two panes of 4mm Float glass and a 16mm Argon filled cavity.
  • Type FLW 28 is supplied with 28mm double-glazing, such as two panes of 6mm Float glass and a 16mm Argon filled cavity.
  • A variety of glazing options are possible within the 28mm parameter.

  • Type FLW 40 is supplied with 40mm triple-glazing, such as 6mm Float glass/a 12mm Argon filled cavity/4mm Float glass/ a 12mm Argon filled cavity/6mm Float glass.
  • Toughened safety glass, laminated and Low-E, as well as solar reflective glass can also be supplied as standard for all of the above systems, whilst special glazing can be provided on request.

    Please contact us to discuss any questions you may have about glazing specifications.